What is the biggest mistake in Instagram marketing?


When we promote our band on Instagram we make so many big mistakes. Here we explain problems and solution

It happens, Instagram marketing mistakes may occur in public. And the brands face humiliation among the public which can be avoided if you take some precautionary steps. So don’t let your brand do the following:

Biggest Mistake in Instagram Marketing

Buying likes and followers for your Instagram account

This is a very common shortcut which companies take to increase their likes and followers that is they simply buy them. But do you think it can give quality to your brand? No way, buying can increase the quantity but not the quality.

Similarly, people pay for automated comments on the posts which are again not good for your brand. The connection with your followers should be real which can give you real business and increase in revenue.

biggest mistake in Instagram marketing

Posting a lot or a little

You should be very careful of how much you should post on your Instagram page or any other social media platform. If you post too many times then people will either think you are desperate or annoying and if the posts are fewer then your audience may feel disconnected from you.

You should try to understand the habits of your users so that you can put the right number of posts on Instagram. For example, if you are a cosmetic brand then posting 3 to 4 times a week is enough while for a news company posting 3 to 4 times a day is more approachable.

Keep a record while experimenting on your posting schedule and based on the analytics explore the right posting options.

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Using images of poor quality

Instagram is said to be a visual platform and for that having beautiful and clear images is essential. The images should be interesting to give a concern and people to wait for a second and read the caption below that photo. If you don’t have any professional artist or skills to capture a good picture you can try taking natural images with neutral backgrounds.

The most common thing which people don’t like is posting a spammy image or a boring one that will never attract your followers. If you wish to engage your fans and followers you should post interesting and best quality images on your page. And don’t forget to use hashtags which are another useful aspect of your posting.

Marketing Inconsistently

Along with Instagram, your brand may have other social media handles, a website, and even a brand store which together build the ecosystem of a brand. At every place, your customers and followers should have a clear and strong understanding so that they find all the elements of your brand are consistently tied together.

Each of your profiles on a different platform should have the same logo, editorial tone, and visual styles so that it’s easy for your fan to find you anywhere.

instagram marketing 2020 trendmut

Forgetting the spell-check

Even some professional writers tend to make mistakes while writing but such a thing on a platform like Instagram can make you look careless. And that is what you should avoid in your posts. Quick proofreading should be added in your posting process so that the grammatical and spelling errors are not there in your post.

These things matter a lot while you are on Instagram or any online platform. You should try to completely avoid such errors to build a strong profile of your brand online. Instagram marketing has great opportunities for a brand and you only need to know the right strategies. You can also take the help of professionals who are talented to produce the best post for your page and build strategies that increase your number of followers.

It’s never too late to work on your mistakes, so begin it today!

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