Best 5 Step to choose Marketing Automation Tool


Well, running an organization is not easy. At every step, you need to have correct strategies and when it comes to marketing automation you need to be sure to have productive results.

Do you need marketing automation tool?

Your marketing activities can be automated naturally through marketing automation. But for the best automation tools, you must be in bewilderment thinking about which features should be used? What are the best options available for your industry? Will it be worth investing in certain automation tools?

There are so many options that can confuse the business owners and make it difficult to make a decision. After all, you must be searching for the elements that are the must-have for your business to succeed. Trust me; spending time in searching among the abundant choices is always confusing until you have someone to explain the benefits and the requirement of a platform that can work best for your business.

What do you require for a successful business? The answer is nothing big but implementing successful strategies.

In my career as a founder and marketer, I have experienced situations when organizations have faced difficulties in choosing the correct automation tools. And if you are also one of them pointing towards successful marketing then I must say this blog is much helpful. I will explain you some of the important factors to consider while deciding on the most suitable marketing automation tools.

The business characteristics

You business characteristics play an important role in deciding the automation tools for example the company size where the amount of data that needs to be processed in the system is determined based on the number of clients.

Also, if you are using a particular CRM platform then your marketing automation tool should impeccably integrate with it. In some businesses, you need only digital communication while in others there may be a requirement of offline methods. Think about how your customers like to communicate with you and choose an automation tool according to your customer’s comfort.

Surely, as a service provider, I can understand investing in marketing automation tools is a big factor in terms of time and money that is why knowing your business characteristic is important to choose a set of well-suited automation tool.

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The ease of use  

What people value the most as a marketer or business owner is the ease of using a platform. A user-friendly interface keeps it simple to manage the system while on the other side a complicated tool makes it difficult to take all the different benefits offered by the automation tools. I believe in developing the automation tools should have the simplicity of use while their possibilities of enriching your business should remain the same.

Types of CRM integration

Email integration

Email integration An inbox full of emails is not just a trove of customer-related data rather it is said one of the best effective marketing tools. An email marketing campaign backed with CRM can be proved more friendly and helpful for a business to reach the most prospective leads. Also, with email integration, the data received through feedbacks is analyzed continuously so the strategies get refined to improve ROI and identify the strategies that are tarnishing your brand at any cost.

Social media integration

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and more has become a constant hub of communication between the customers and the enterprise. Thus, integrating it into your CRM system will connect your brand with the customers through their preferable platform. So for businesses of any form having social media integration is a must to make your brand popular in not in local but as well as the global marketplace.

Marketing automation integration

The businesses are now working in a high-speed digital environment where sales and marketing have become the two major parts of a company to work hand in hand. When sales and marketing are integrated both the teams have equal opportunity to access the same data and make lead generation, customer services, and other processes work productively.

Customer support integration

Where CRM provides the needed data about a customer in the system, through customer support the same data can be routed to the appropriate information source. Making them work together can bring personalized experiences to the customers and can turn service calls into sales.

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