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Many brands use random engines as Random URL Generator out of many different predetermined links. It is a link through which you reach a different place whenever you click on that link. Earlier it was possible to create such a link only with the help of the CGI script but now it is possible with JavaScript it has become easier to move the procedure of choosing any link from a particular script on the server to the one that is running in the browser. 

The companies often run baseline load tests which are used to track the regular behavior of the users related to browsing, shopping carts, checkout, and likes and comments. But an experienced developer always knows that there is no such thing as “regular behavior of the user” and therefore it is required that when you take your load testing to the next level you should try the script that exactly shows how you can randomize URLs in your load tests. The random URL testing procedure is undertaken through the following steps:

Advantages of URL Slug

Create a List of URLs that You Want to Test

It is quite unwise and impractical to go through every URL permutation possible on your site. It is better to create the URL list that you wanted to get tested. If you know this offhand it is great and this step should not be avoided. As a website is not so big it is possible to test all the pages quite easily. 

There is one more option which is checking your Google Analytics data for all the different URLs visited at a particular period that is the past three months, a quarter, or even a year. The page visited report can then be exported for various usage. To use the following list of URLs in your test it is required to first create the CVS. 

Your CVS is not a difficult task to generate as it requires only the URLs you want to have visited with each URL on a different line. And the last thing is to upload the CVS to the Load impact Data Store. 

Random URL Generator 

Create the Load Impact Script 

The next step is creating the load impact script which is a little difficult task and best handled by professionals. It is important to have professional guidance for coding if you are not experienced or have less idea about it. 

After creating the load impact script, the next step is to run your tests to see the results. It is a very common user scenario when you add your new random URL script for a better impact on your users and to attract them more to your website. 

Evaluate the Results & Repeat the Steps

The random URL generator is a very useful tool and it requires the needed evaluation conducted consistently and continuously. You may like to have some deeper tests which are very useful and you should conduct them to be assured about the Random URLs.

The random URL generator has a great impact and you should use it to have successful results for your brand.

url slug

Slug Generator Online

There are many opportunities for a brand to achieve success but they should know the right strategies. And one of the best ways to gain traffic to your website and increase your sales is using proper slugs in your URL.

The slugs are the end part of the URL that shows what is your page all about. With the help of a slug, a customer gets to know a particular website where he is browsing that is which helps in easy navigation and more customers get attracted to your website.

The URL slug is an important part of a URL and if you want to generate the best one then you can choose the slug generator online which is fast and much helpful for a business to grow successfully. It also plays a major role in improving your SEO and that is the best part of a website.

How to Use the Log Generator Online?

You need to keep your slug much concise and descriptive (1-5 words) and understandable to the customers the slug generator online is a very helpful tool.
To use the slug generator there are only 3 steps to follow which include:

  • Enter the text string that you want to create into a slug in the textarea
  • There is a button to click below the textarea.
  • The SEO-friendly URL is created and you now just need to copy and use that URL.

In these easy steps, you get a good slug URL that will attract a lot of customers and get your SEO improved at the same time. URL slug has a lot of importance for a business and it should be conducted quite carefully to avoid any problems in the future to help you there are always experts to help you to get the right URL slug for your pages.

What are the Advantages of URL Slug?

There are many different advantages of having a URL slug which should be understood by all businesses to reap its benefits:


You can Include Keywords in Your URL Slug

The most important benefit of a slug is that it can be created by including keywords in it because of which your website ranks high in the search results. Slug is considered to be the indicator that is used by Google to determine what is the content of the page and what it is all about.

User-Friendly URLs are Created with the Help of the Slugs.

URL is also the things that are seen in the search results by the users that are if you searched about a particular topic there will be many URL results too and that is where a user-friendly URL will help your company to stay ahead of others. Your website will be visited by more customers and you get high traffic due to it.

Your Website is Visited by More Customers

With URL slugs it becomes easy for the customers to find where they are on a particular website. It helps them to have easy navigation and thus a customer will visit the page again and again and also promote your website to their friends and family.

With such advantages, it is good to use a URL slug generator online Which gives your higher traffic, more customers, and an increase in sales as well at the same time.

What Is url slug?

URL Slug Generator

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