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What is a URL Slug?

The end part of a URL link is considered a slug. For example, if you want to visit the services site of any company then the URL will be xxx.com/services/ and here the services/ is known as the slug part. The WordPress community first started utilizing slugs to identify a website’s particular page. The slugs should also be short and clear because of their connection with SEO. 

The URL slugs are most commonly present after the directory and before one or more extra parameters in a particular URL. For a website, the slugs keep changing based on the pages of the website while the other parameters have no changes while entering a URL address. Someone who is not much known about this term must be thinking about why it makes a big deal in SEO? But they indeed make a great difference. 

URL Slug Generator

What is a URL Slug Generator?

A free-online developer tool that helps to slugify words and texts to an SEO-friendly URL and in a better human-readable form is known as the slug generator. It helps in better SEO optimization. This tool mainly consists of an input field and an output field and the moment you enter the string in the input field that you like to slugify there will be a slug displayed accordingly for you to make your URL unique. 

There are various slug generator tools and professional experts offer great help in understanding and using those tools to reap their benefit to the fullest. For every SEO marketing, there should be slugs planned with effective strategies for your customers to reach you easily. So, companies need to know how URL slug is relevant to SEO.

url slug examples

The URL slugs are said to be relevant to SEO and no one but the experts of an SEO company can get your URL optimized in the best way for achieving your goals of SEO marketing. You should pay a lot of attention to this element of SEO and let your website rank high in the search result. 

The Benefits of URL Slug Generator

When you relate and talk about SEO for WordPress then you need to consider creating the right slug for any URL. As a slug is a part of the URL that makes it easy for the customers to get a page identified easily of any website it requires to be in an easy-to-read format. And that is why you need the slug generator which is a very useful tool and has many different benefits. 

Your short links will have more clicks by the internet users with the help of a good URL slug 

With the generator tools you can create URL slugs that are most memorable and the user will find the link next time he/she browses the internet for the same search of the information.

It is quite compelling as they get convinced with the URL that they are on the right page and thus wait a little longer to know what more is on that page

The URLs are not lengthy and confusing when generated with the help of the slug generator which is a very helpful tool. 

benefits of url slug

URL Slug Examples

The content of a particular page can be displayed in just a few keywords for the customers to know which page they are visiting. It also helps in ranking high in SERPs as well which is highly effective for your brand. Here are the two examples of URLs in which the first one shows the traditional way of generating the URL and the second one contains the one which shows the URL generated with the help of slug generator.



the second one is simpler to understand as that post is described with the help of the title and it is helping the user to know on which page they are browsing. When you see the first one you cannot understand on which page you are and it becomes a little hard for the user to browse a website. Thus, it is very useful for a brand to make their customers browse comfortably on their website. 

it is required to have the right usage of the keywords in the URL slug and that is why you need to know certain things before creating it for your website pages

  • Include the Right Keyword 

The most common benefit of a slug is that it can change the words of the link and make sure that it contains the words that give you the required ranking on the website. It is also said to be one of the indicators for Google to search a particular page and rank it according to for the users to find the required page easily on the search engine. 

URL Slug

That is why it is crucial to include the required keyword in your URL slug which helps to improve your SEO ranking and make it visible to more of your customers. If the website is about digital marketing, then the link to its page should be


here SEO services are the keyword that helps the customers to know that this page is about the SEO services provided by the company and they quickly click on the link to know more about it. 

  • Generate User-Friendly Links

The search results often show the URL of a particular page when a user is searching for something on the internet. So, when you type a search there will be many links available for you on a certain topic, isn’t it? 

If this is the situation then a company should make sure that its URL is in line with such search results so that you can provide the people with what they are expecting from a browser to see. A user-friendly link is always helpful for a brand to attract more customers for example when you have a link with http://www.xxx.com/slug-explained is easier to understand what is the page all about than the link with http://www.xxx.com/1$de which is not understood easily by them. 

You can always take the help of the experts to generate URL-friendly slugs that give more traffic to your website and eventually increase your sales. To find the one when you have so many service providers out there but always choose the trusted one that provides you with the best results. 

Bulk Slug Generator 

Sometimes there are not one but multiple strings to be converted to user-friendly URL slugs that provide you with effective results for your website. They help to convert any string or words because of which your workload gets reduced and the URL slugs get available in human-readable for the users. They can browse your website easily and your company gets other useful benefits through it as well. 

With the bulk slug generator, there is no limitation on using the languages and therefore the strings or the words can be in any language or characters and can get converted easily. Those who are beginners in generating the slugs may take a little longer to understand the concepts but eventually, you will get used to it and then it becomes easy to have the best URL slugs for your website. 

Using the bulk slug generator is important because of two unique reasons:

  • The search engines take into consideration the URL slug signals when it is conducting the ranking process and because of that, you get a great response from your customers when they see your website above the others in the search results. The search engines mainly search the slugs to know about a page and then undergo the ranking process.
  • With bulk slug generator the user gets the URL in the form that they understand what must be the particular page all about. The users can determine whether visiting is useful or not. Thus, more customers will be attracted to your website and help you achieve your business goals.

The bulk slug generators generate search-optimized URLs which gives a website the desired audience for more sales and revenue. The requirement for bulk slug generators is increasing like anything in many businesses and to help them the experts are available to help them. they provide them the required guidance and help which helps in generating the URLs which are impactful and useful for them.

It is important to have a slug in your design so that it provides the needed result for your brand. 

How the slugs are created in the bulk slug generator?

When you use the bulk slug generator it helps in getting the slug URL created in the following way:

  • The words are separated with the help of the dashes due to which the slug is identified easily by the customers. 
  • The slugs are cleaner and shorter due to which the optimization process becomes easier 
  • The slugs are cleaner and shorter due to which they are easy to process and faster to understand by the customers.
  • There are no stop keywords in the URL slug due to which the crawling and indexing process conducted by the search engine becomes more simplified and your website ranks high in the search results
  • The user that has typed in the search box matches what is present in the page slugs and your website will have a faster presence in front of your customers.
  • It generates the slugs having lower-case characters which have a better value in the optimization process. 

Thus, the bulk slug generator has many benefits and it helps you in many different ways to get the multiple strings that attract more customers

Online Slug Generator

Though slug is a very some element of a URL it has a big role in SEO in terms of technical aspects as well as in establishing communication with the visitors of a website. It may not influence the ranking of your website directly but it does have an indirect influence on the success of SEO strategies.

The Google algorithms

The search engine algorithm has a great relevance of slug with SEO. Any search engine such as Google checks what is the slug of your URL and then with the help of the search engine spider (which is an algorithm) goes through your website pages and categories them in the correct database.

Also, for any search engine algorithm, a slug is the first thing that is considered.  So it’s good if you prioritise the slug to let that algorithm read it for indexing your website pages correctly. The search results give the ranking to the pages after the indexing in which the URL slug will surely influence this process.

The experience of the visitors

It is not about only the technical importance but also the experience of the visitors which makes URL vital for an SEO strategy. A URL tells a lot of things to your users and if the slug is composed of too many random letters and numbers then people might creep out. That is why a slug should be short and proper and those websites with improper slug usually have viruses.

It has been experienced by many visitors that visiting the website with long and meaningless slugs is always regretting. This shows that slug is an important factor in attracting visitors to your website and thus, your website URL should be optimized.

The URL slug generator is quite important for every business and you should take proper steps to find out which is the best online slug generator for your brand. There are many tools that you can find online and they can help you in many different ways to reach the required audience and improve your SEO at the same time as well. 

There are many different ways by which you can generate the URL slug but the best way is to trust the experts that have the best solutions for you. For any business website, they will provide the needed results and you can see improvement in your sales and revenue. There are not one but many things to remember while you are generating the URL slug and according to that you need to work for proven results.

You can always find online slug generators that are reliable and can provide you with what you are looking for without making much effort. So, whenever you need some help generating the slugs you can simply go online or hire experts who are always there for your help. 

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