URL Slug: The Definition and Why They Matter for SEO?


SEO is a huge concept and has many different aspects to consider for marketers. And when we look at its elements each of them has an important role in designing and building a successful SEO strategy. In this article we are going to discuss URL slugs and why they are essential for SEO. So let’s begin.

What is a URL slug?

The end part of a URL link is considered a slug. For example, if you want to visit the services site of XYZ then the URL will be xyz.com/services/ and here the services/ is known as the slug part. The WordPress community first started utilizing slugs to identify a website’s particular page. The slugs should also be short and clear because of their connection with SEO.

The URL slugs are most commonly present after the directory and before one or more extra parameters in a particular URL. For a website,  the slugs keep changing based on the pages of the website while the other parameters have no changes while entering a URL address.

For someone who is not much known about this term must be thinking about why it makes a big deal in SEO? But they indeed make a great difference.

We as the best SEO company in Meerut offer our client a complete understanding of all our services to reap its benefit to the fullest. For every SEO marketing, we plan effective strategies for our clients. So let’s move forward to help you know how URL slug is relevant to SEO.

How does URL slug and SEO strategies work together?

Though slug is a very some element of a URL it has a big role in SEO in terms of technical aspects as well as in establishing communication with the visitors of a website. It may not influence the ranking of your website directly but it does have an indirect influence on the success of SEO strategies.

1. The Google algorithms

The search engine algorithm has a great relevance of slug with SEO. Any search engine such as Google checks what is the slug of your URL and then with the help of the search engine spider (which is an algorithm) goes through your website pages and categorizes them in the correct database.

Also, for any search engine algorithm, a slug is the first thing that is considered.  So it’s good if you prioritize the slug to let that algorithm read it for indexing your website pages correctly. The search results give the ranking to the pages after the indexing in which the URL slug will surely influence this process.

2. The experience of the visitors

It is not about only the technical importance but also the experience of the visitors which makes URL vital for an SEO strategy. A URL tells a lot of things to your users and if the slug is composed of too many random letters and numbers then people might creep out. That is why a slug should be short and proper and those websites with improper slug usually have viruses.

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It has been experienced by many visitors that visiting the website with long and meaningless slugs is always regretting. This shows that slug is an important factor in attracting visitors to your website and thus, your website URL should be optimized

3. The usage of the keyword

As we know your webpage is indexed after considering the URL by the Google algorithm. The ultimate goal of any search engine is to provide relevant search results to its users and this means that if your content is related to the query your website will be ranked high.

I use keywords in your URL slug then it gets is easy to match to the people’s search queries. And you will be one step ahead of your competitors. 

This is how the URL slugs are said to be relevant to SEO and no one but an expert can get your URL optimized in the best way for achieving your goals of SEO marketing. You should pay a lot of attention to this element of SEO and let your website rank high in the search result.

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