What is website planning and creation


Website planning and creation have helped different industries to have a good online presence and have an online branding of their products and services.

First, you need to know what a Website is. A Website is a set of various related web pages that are served from a single web domain. People are rapidly adopting online marketing for their business and there are huge competitions between different companies where if one does not have a website can get a big hit. A website gives an online presence and provides a 24/7 window to the customers to see your products and buy them whenever required.

With the website planning and creation module of online marketing, you learn how to plan, design, and implement a particular website.

Website Planning and Creation

 It is the first step towards creating a website where you should plan the number of pages to be included in the website, micro and macro activities, primary and secondary keywords, and the framework on which the website can be built.

Website Planning and creation

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For more customer attraction a website should be well-designed which makes them feel good while buying the products and services from a website. Good designing is just like a feather on the cap which is a really important part of a good online presence and online marketing


Once the designing is done and blueprints are ready the last step is to get your website ready by building it on website building software that is  Wordpress where no coding is required. It consists of pre-defined themes where you get a website ready with fewer efforts.

A good teacher helps you to learn the proper planning, designing, and implementation of a website that can make you an expert to work just like a professional in big industries. Join this affordable course and see the big difference in your future endeavors.

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